Are you a tapas and mezze* aficionado? Well, you'll love KÉMIA products!

Whatever you fancy: 

  • our pickled vegetables
  • our vegetable caviar
  • our grilled vegetable salads
  • or our sauces

you'll discover with delight the rich flavours of Tunisian gastronomy, the perfect blend between the Mediterranean and Middle-eastern culinary arts.

*KÉMIA is the Tunisian word that describes an assortment of finger foods traditionally served before a meal along with an aperitif.

KÉMIA products are the ideal choice for an antipasti platter or to bring a bit of sunshine to yours salads, pasta, omelettes as well as your favourite fish and meat dishes. They add a festive yet convivial touch to any meal. 

Whatever the occasion, take inspiration from the feasts of the Ancient World, where guests cheerfully ate with their fingers, and simply serve our Tunisian specialties in small bowls or arranged on a wood platter. Accompany with pieces of bread or crackers: your guests will love them! 

These casual meals are the best times for sharing and conversations. No wonder it's customary to eat KÉMIA while standing up and chatting or while lounging on a terrace with a cocktail in hand. 




Kémia products are available at fine retailers and groceries throughout Québec and Ontario.
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Proud of our agrarian heritage, we have named our company TERRA NOSTRUM which, in Latin, translate to "Our Land". Having lived and toiled the Tunisian soil for generations and faithful to our ancestors' culinary know-how, we wish to share the fruits of our traditions with you.


Our Land...

Our products originate from Henna, an agricultural region located at about twenty kilometres from the city of Manouba. The name Manouba goes back to Antiquity and would originate from the Punic word meaning "agricultural market". Henna is a region of the lower Medjerda valley, widely renowned for the high quality of its vegetable and fruit crops.

Our Mission

Since our mission is to bring the taste buds of every gourmet and foodie in the world on a taste adventure, our products - already available in Europe and the Middle-East - are now found on North American shelves.   

Mediterranean Tunisia: a Corner of Paradise

Tunisia is bordered to the North and East by the Mediterranean Sea. Like every country of the Mediterranean basin, it benefits from a favourable climate. The many hours of sunlight, the mildness of the climate and the fertility of the soil enable the harvesting of a variety of the most flavourful crops. 

Several civilizations succeeded one another in Tunisia, each leaving a vast agricultural and culinary heritage emphasizing the use of olive oil, fruits, vegetables and pulses. Tunisian gastronomy is based on an ancestral know-how where Berber, Arab, Roman, Andalusian and Jewish traditions blend and influence one another to the delight of connoisseurs.




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